COVID 19 help available for the small businesses

In this crucial timing when people are suffering and business are closing down, US Government is offering some support and funds to business owners and independent contractors. It is unfortunate that there are many muslim people in our community members who are unaware of there programs and/or don’t know how to apply for it.
Many people don’t know what figures to use when applying for it and if they don’t use the correct figure it is obvious they will not get the right amount of fund. This fund May be forgivable on certain conditions.

For payroll program they need to use not only payroll but it is called employee compensation.  And compensation is not only pay check it include many other items such as tips cash tips, medical programs, retirement payment Employer pays to employee, 1099 to independent contractors even net income, self employment as well, And more, I will be more than happy to guide you. So don’t think you can’t apply if you are self employed.

There are two main programs that I am aware of and I think can help our community business owners. Below is link for payroll protection plan.

Where to Apply for Payroll Protection Program: SBA COVID-19 Links

Below is the link for us department of treasury.

Below is link for sba where you can apply for loan and get instant forgivable loan of $10,000 and even independent contractors can apply for it.

I have a three cpa who have also agree to help those who can’t apply themself as well please contact me so I can provide their information.

I have decided to dedicate next few days to help our community members personally and to guide them as best as I can all those who need help in trying to figure out please call me at 714-926-5652.

Since this message is being sent to many groups I expect to get a lot of calls and it may require me to call back if I don’t answer please txt me at 714-926-5652. Because my voice mail may not have enough space.

You all can also sign up for a webinar @

and sign up for webinar on 4/7/2020.

They are very good program and give some basics and Islamic prospective on this as well. They also have recording for last session.

When calling me please don’t hesitate,
And remember no question is a stupid question please ask so I can explain and guide you all.
May Allah help all our community businesses continue and grow. Ameen
Jazak Allah Khair
Saleem Sheikh

American Muslim Professional Career Development