UPDATE on How Restaurants Can Apply for Great Plates Delivered, What’s Open, & Incident Report


COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center


May 27, 2020


Los Angeles County Joint Information Center – COVID-19



The County of Los Angeles is regularly updating resources on COVID-19 and offers today’s update in an effort to keep you and yours informed. Please share the following up-to-date information:

Calling All Restaurants!

LA County’s application for Great Plates Delivered is now available online.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you may be thinking of ways to reengage with the community, as you look to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19. If so, Great Plates Delivered might be a good opportunity for you.

The program, which aims to assist those in need of home delivered meals and to help get local restaurant, hospitality and transportation communities back to work, provides three meals a day to qualifying older adults.

Onboarding Packet

If you’re interested in participating in the Great Plates Delivered program, we’ve prepared an “Onboarding Packet” for you. It includes:


The restaurant enrollment process includes five steps. If you’re ready to enroll, you’ll want to:

  1. Fill out the LA County online application.
  2. Confirm and sign the Master Agreement. See a sample.
  3. Register as an LA County Vendor here.
  4. Receive Work Order (based on demand).
  5. Set up Method of Payment.

Note: Restaurants who’ve already submitted the Food Provider Interest Form (with the State of California) must also fill out the online application for LA County to be considered.


Individuals can e-mail greatplates@wdacs.lacounty.gov or call 211. Restaurants can e-mail greatplatesrestaurant@wdacs.lacounty.gov. For contract-related questions, e-mail GPDPcontracts@wdacs.lacounty.gov.

Wondering What’s Open in LA County?

If you missed yesterday’s Health Order, and have questions about what’s re-opened in the county, you’re in luck! LA County’s Department of Public Health has prepared a helpful list of what’s open (or not) in LA County. Check it out!

And remember, regardless of where you go:

  1. COVID-19 remains a serious risk.
  2. Continue to practice physical distancing.
  3. Wear a face covering whenever you are around others.
  4. Wash your hands frequently.
  5. Stay home if you are sick or if you’ve been in contact with someone who is sick.

Click here to see yesterday’s Reopening Safer at Work and in the Community health order.

To learn more about the protocols to follow, select any of the following: 1) Retail Businesses Opening for In Person Shopping, 2) Office-Based Work Sites, 3) Shopping Center Operators, 4) Places of Worship, and 5) Vehicle Based Parades or Drive Thru Events. You can also visit the Department of Public Health’s website here.

Incident Report

Our daily report is a high level summary of L.A. County Emergency Operations Center’s response to the COVID-19 health emergency. Click here to view.

COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide & Toolkit

View our updated COVID-19 Digital Communications Guide, and get tips on Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts, Key Messaging, and our Social Media Toolkit – with multi-lingual graphics and messages like the ones seen below.

Access our Social Media Toolkit here.

To help residents beat the heat this week, LA County will open emergency cooling centers Tuesday, 5/26- Thursday, 5/28 from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Visitors and staff must respect physical distancing & wear face coverings at all times.

For locations, visit ready.lacounty.gov/heat or call 211

Chinese:為幫助居民避開炎熱高溫,LA縣將在本周的 5/26日(週二)至5月28日(週四))中午12點 -下午6點開放應急空調中心。


Korean: 주민들이 이번 주 더위를 극복 할 수 있도록 LA 카운티는 5/26 (목요일)에서 5/28 (화요일) 오후 12시부터 오후 6시까지 비상 냉각 센터를 열 것입니다.
방문객과 직원은 항상 신체적 거리두기를 유지하고 얼굴 가리개를 착용해야합니다.

위치는 ready.lacounty.gov/heat를 방문하거나 211번으로 전화하십시오.

Spanish: Para ayudar a los residentes a combatir el calor esta semana, el Condado de LA abrirá centros de enfriamiento de emergencia el Martes 5 / 26 a Jueves, 5/28 a partir de las 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Los visitantes y el personal deben respetar el distanciamiento físico y usar coberturas faciales en todo momento.

Para conocer las ubicaciones, ready.lacounty.gov/heat o llame al 211

Additional Resources

The County of Los Angeles appreciates your continued partnership in responding to COVID-19 questions and needs of residents. For additional information, please visit:

County of Los Angeles, Chief Executive Office, Office of Emergency Management
American Muslim Professional Career Development